HMR_A Last Blaze

Previous titles: Implements of Sacrifice, At the Gates , A Scarlet Blaze, Phyrric Blaze

Dialogue from:

Dracula A.D. 1972

Satanic Rites Of Dracula 1974

One of the metal clichés is that on every album there needs to be some middle eastern style riff. And this song was always meant to sound evil so Maarten came up with some cool melodies. This was one of the hardest songs to keep interesting because of it’s length so I was always worried if this one would make the cut. Lyrically it would be a challenge to even find enough coherent pieces of dialogue since the length would always be an issue. And that’s where Dracula A.D. 1972 came in. It had a lenghty summoning ritual and what is more evil than actually summoning Dracula? When doing creative work sometimes pieces just happen to fit so well and this wasn’t planned at all. The first part of the song went from my least favourite to one of my favourites because of how it turned out. Also the background noises with the screaming bats worked really well. People might even think that the music was written on top of the dialogue but it was the other way around. 

It stayed pretty much the same compared to the original Mod, apart from the stupid noises we used back then. I actually tried to use various soundscapes like the Hell” noises from the Kola Well in Russia but that didn’t work at all.

The title was always supposed to be evil sounding, something with sacrifice or opening the gates of hell. I tried the somewhat more sophisticated “A Scarlet Blaze” and “Phyrric Blaze” since it was about Dracula wanting to burn the whole world including himself. But in the end I ended up with “A Last Blaze”.