Hi, my name is Raymond Viveen and I’m an editor/compositor at Lukkien Creative Production Company in Ede. I work at the Film Department where we make commercials, image videos, corporate videos. Occasionally we do visual effects for feature films, shorts and series (like Popoz). You’ll find a selection of those shots on this site. For commercials that were produced by Lukkien and edited and composited by me visit the Lukkien site.

The most recent features I worked on are the splatter zombie-comedy “Zombibi” (internationally known as “Kill Zombie!” / “Kill Dead Zombie” and “Zombie Quest“) and “Ushi Must Marry“. The most recent series I worked on is “Popoz” and I just finished  working on the “Popoz Movie“, which by the way garnered a NVX Best Visual Effects Award nomination!

Feel free to contact us if you want to know what Lukkien can do for you and if you need help with feature film, shorts or compositing for series, give us a call! We’ll probably won’t say no 🙂



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