HMR_No Morning for Us

Previous titles: Her Moonlit Return, From the Ashes, His Moonlit Return

Dialogue from:

Dracula Has Risen From The Grave 1968

Dracula Prince Of Darkness (1966)

This was always going to be the opening song since it was the first one we wrote and because it had that kind of feel. The keyboard part was the only actual recording that survived from 1999 so it seemed fitting to actually use it. Especially since a friend had his father drive his keyboard to my house so we could record it through my analogue 8 track in my bedroom. Technology has come a long way…

Lyrically it seemed logical to go for something that would establish the Dracula myth but in a not too obvious way. There were lots of pieces of dialogue about Dracula’s castle which seemed like a interesting way to set this up. Although he maybe wasn’t there physically, people could still feel his presence, especially in the shadow of his castle.

It hasn’t changed that much from the original Mod except for maybe the intro. I’m not a drummer so I couldn’t come up with a decent sounding toms part. It didn’t translate well from the original so I just dropped it.

A fun thing about metal is coming up with titles which vary from evil to corny and anything in between. A friend of mine came up with the name “Her Moonlit Return”. We never knew who “Her” actually was but most likely it would have Elizabeth Báthory. That changed after I decided to make it all about Dracula and changed it to “His Moonlit Return”. But with the actual Hammer dialogue the name didn’t feel right. That’s when I came up with the idea to use parts of the lyrics as a title. “No Morning or Us” sounds pretty evil and people might even suspect hearing “No Mourning for Us” which makes it even more metal.