HMR_No Peace

Previous titles: The Grace of Malice, Legacy of Malice, The Incessant Thorn

Dialogue from:

(Horror of) Dracula 1958

Dracula A.D. 1972

If I had to chose one favourite this would be the one. From the eastern themed intro to the heavy chugging to alternating between fast and slow and the build up to the end, my favourite by far. It took quite some time to find the right instrument for the intro. I always thought it would be a sitar but it never sounded right. And after a LOT of searching I came up with the santoor, also an Indian instrument. The bells in the intro are from the original Mod because sometime you get so used to a sound that anything but that sound feels wrong. You’d think it shouldn’t be that hard to find something similar but I guess it’s in the details and it’s a also a nice nod to the original Mod.

Compared to the original Mod the only thing I changed is the second part of the first rhythm section, adding the dissonant part. I think I got that inspiration from the latest Dimmu Borgir “Eonian” that came out in 2018. 

I don’t know how we came up with the original title “The Grace of Malice”, probably had something to do with the Cradle of Filth title “Malice Through the Looking Glass”. But as I added the lyrics it became apparant that it should be something about Van Helsing’s everlasting battle against Dracula. I tried to come up with something pretentious like “The Incessent Thorn” which meant that Dracula was always going to be a thorn in Van Helsing’s side. But in the end it became “No Peace”, both referring to the victims and Van Helsing never getting peace because of Dracula. This way it also serves a book-end to the overall story, it just keeps repeating itself over and over.

There were also some tracks that didn’t make the cut. In total there were 7 tracks and I kept 5. Which leaves 3 tracks to be forever abandoned. They had some potential but in the end I don’t think they would be worthwile. One was called “Blood of the Martyred” with a length of 5,5 minutes. It had a lot in common with “One of the Four” and had some cool parts. “Of Light and Madness” would have been an instrumental song. The biggest problem was that it wasn’t finished. It’s almost 2 minutes and maybe I could make something out of someday…