This was an interesting one. It was decided that due to the 2000 fps Phantom look the director wanted for both the action and slomo juice shots we had to shoot this in the studio. Because of the stunts and speeds the snowboarders had to make to be able to make those stunt we only had about 5 meters of actual useful ramp.

This was a pretty intense and very multi-layered offline. We had to deliver within 7 days so I knew I had to built the offline as the online. The edit in Premiere was basically the comp with all the nests, all the scaling, animation, all the lens blurs already there. For the wide shots I matte painted all the enviroments and we camera projected everything to sell the scale and to keep things smooth and flexible.

The offline edit took 3 days and the comping and grading was 7 days, which was crazy.

My roles: VFX Supervisor, Post Supervisor, Editor & Compositor


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