Lidl Vitaminis

This was a commercial we’ve done for Lidl. It features 9 stuffed toys you can collect while buying grocieries. The challenge was to make them sing and dance and give each toy his or her shining moment.

The first part was filmed in an actual Lidl store and the catwalk part in the Lukkien studio. We shot hero plates, a reference plate with the actual toys and references for CGI. An addional challenge was to connect the 2 locations during the comping phase. There were blue walls with a solid door and a solid red carpet. So no Lidl branding or see-throughs to the store. And we turned on a lot of the lights since they followed a particular pattern and sometimes they were all dimmed at the same time.

Again my role was my favourite combo of VFX Supervisor, Post Supervisor and Editor/Compositor.

A Before and After still

The final commercial

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