Tulse Luper – Bathtub Scene

This was a pretty tricky shot to do. I got two shots, one with Tulse standing behind the bathtub and one with him lying in it. They didn’t have motion control so it sort of matched but not quite. I had to composite the 2 shots together so that Tulse was looking at his dead brother in the tub.
First I had to stabilize both shots and retime the tub-shot to match it as close as possible to the standing-shot. Second I had to mask out the tub including dead Tulse and track it to the standing shot. To avoid warping and morphing which can be a pain, I usually used soft edged masks to fix edges or overlaps. I had to redo a lot of the above steps because along the way there would be little bumps or jitter in the tracking. It was a very long shot which made it difficult but in the end it turned out quite well.